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Discussion of the Half-Blood Prince
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7th-Jun-2007 12:16 pm - theories
Ok I've been thinking in the bath (best place to think)

1. Ollivander (the wand maker). He's some sort of baddy- possibly has or knows about horcruxes and get this: O l l i v a n d e r ..... an evil lord. I think Olivander may have been where V got his original horcrux info and has now been kidnapped either so he can be prevented from giving info to Harry or so he can advise how V can destoy Harry without destroying the horcrux.

2. I have very little evidence for this.. Harry will visit Godrics Hollow where he will find one of the suspected horcruxes (hurrah!)in the wreckage however, with the help of someone (Slughorn, Hermione?) he will discover that the object was never made into a horcrux leading him or Hermione to suspect that something else became the horcrux.... who was also present. Harry will then spend half the book in turmoil thinking he's got to die until wormtail (who has been near Ollivander and lots of information) will repay his debt to Harry by telling him how to survive it. V will find out and will kill Wormtail for this.

3. Someone else was at Godric's hollow- James possibly wasn't actually there and Harry heard someone elses voice.

4. Either Kreacher or Aberforth has the locket and may also be a criminal.

5. Luna has Ravenclaw's wand- another horcrux
10th-Apr-2007 06:42 am - ...whoops.
stick together
Hey gang, sorry to let the community languish for a year, but I think maybe we all needed a break. But here we are, only three months out from July, in which we get both the OoTP movie and Book 7! So I thought I'd get us rolling again, and we can speculate about what a 'deathly hallow' is to our hearts' contents.

I also wanted to see if there was any interest in rereading either Order of the Phoenix (in preparation for the movie) or Half-Blood Prince (in preparation for Book 7) or both. We could read a few chapters a week and discuss them, book club format.

Huzzah for July!

Now - deathly hallow. Place? Thing?
confused, snape, wtf
Recently many official casting announcements were made regarding the Order of the Phoenix movie, highlights including Dolores Umbridge, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Tonks (I don't think any 'good' pictures of this actress have been released yet), and of course, Luna Lovegood.

What do you all think of how the casting for the movies have gone in general? When you read the books, do you imagine Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson, or do you envision your own versions of the characters?

I think the casting has generally been pretty good for the movies, but for the majority of characters, I don't imagine the actors when I read the books (I'm sure this is helped by the fact that I got into the books before any of the movies had come out). For example, my Harry has a longer, skinnier face (closer to the Mary Grandpre illustrations), and my Hermione has much bushier hair and isn't as, um, movie-star attractive as Miss Watson. My Sirius really doesn't look at all like Gary Oldman. But there are a few instances where the actor is close enough to my idea that they do tend to slip into my imagination (e.g., Maggie Smith as McGonagall, Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid). And Alan Rickman just feels so distinctive as Snape to me that I do tend to think of him when I read the books (and his voice is definitely the voice I hear).
My apologies for getting the discussion up late. I'm going to post a few questions in relation to Cpts 1 and 2 that I'd like for you to answer and then debate off of other people's responses.

Discussion Questions:
1. Cpt 1 shows the MOM conferring with the Prime Minister about the current problems with Voldemort. Do you believe that there will be further breakdown of the barrier separating the two communities? Do you think you think that the Muggles will become aware of the magical world and take an active role in the fight against Voldemort?

2. Snape's conversation with Narcissa and Bellatrix in Cpt 2 is one of the first clues given in the later part of the series that hints that Snape's allegiance may not be what we have been led to believe throughout the other books. If Snape serves Dumbledore, what does taking the Unbreakable Vow accomplish? If Snape serves Voldemort, what does the Vow accomplish? If Snape serves Dumbledore, why has he been harboring Wormtail? Who watches Wormtail while Snape is at Hogwarts?

And Wednesday's Question:
Who's side would you be on in the brewing war?
25th-Jan-2006 01:34 pm - Wednesday Question
part death
Hey boys and girls,

For those wanting to participate in the Book Club aspect, please read Cpts 1 and 2 of HBP for Monday. We'll do BC on Mondays, and keep the Wednesday Question separate.

For today, does anyone else feel that the Harry/Ginny thing very strongly echoes the James/Lily relationship? I've been pondering it, wondering if there's some significance I'm missing in the similarities of the two relationships, but have been unable to come up with anything other than some possible foreshadowing (Harry will die for Ginny, along those lines). Anyone have any ideas, or do you think it's just coincidence?
24th-Jan-2006 08:11 pm - Ron: So What?
order of jade phoenix
I know it isn't Wednesday yet, but I thought I'd just put this out there.

Is anyone else thinking or hoping that Ron will get some kind of moment of glory in Book 7? I mean, whereas Harry is the hero and Hermione is the strategist, poor Ron has been the third wheel for pretty much the whole series, with only a few brief seconds in the spotlight (chess challenge at the end of Book 1, being made Prefect over Harry, a few good Quidditch games between Books 5 & 6).

Yet it's clear to me that he is an absolutely necessary supporting character. Whenever Ron is in trouble you really feel for him (probably because he's the most vulnerable of the three), and his mood has an enormous effect on Harry and Hermione. When he's surly neither of them are happy. And as much as Harry likes Hermione, the times that either of them have had a rift with Ron always show how important Ron is in balancing our their friendship.

Something else I think is significant is that, most days, Harry would happily take Ron's place. Harry doesn't like the circumstances of his fame, and he's wanted a family like the Weasleys ever since he first sees them at King's Cross in Book 1.

So I have a vague theory that something big will happen with Ron in Book 7. Maybe he'll be seriously injured, which will give Harry the emotional push he needs to fight Voldemort. Heck, maybe it will be in the course of protecting Harry or Hermione that Ron gets the injury. Or maybe Ron turns out somehow to be a key to Harry winning - something about what he symbolizes to Harry (true friendship, loving family) that Voldemort has never experienced and can therefore never touch.

18th-Jan-2006 08:59 am - Wednesday Poll - Death comes
This week's question surrounds something that has been coming more and more a main theme of the books as time goes on...death. Specifically, who YOU think won't survive the final battle. Check as many as you please and if you have reasons, please share them.

A couple of notices. Yes, I forgot Moody and Tonks, but I ran out of options. Yes, Snape and Draco may not be evil, but we don't know, and, again, I ran out of room on the good guy question.

Poll #654864 Death is but the next great adventure.

Who will die in Book 7? (Good Guys)


Who will die in Book 7 (Bad guys)


If there is someone else who you think will snuff it, please tell me.

Personally, I think at least one Weasley is going to go, probably one of the twins or Percy. Percy, after all, has cut himself off from his family, and I can see his death being severely demoralizing, especially to his parents who will wonder if they could have saved him. Either Snape or Draco, as well. I think one of them will "come around to the light side" in the end, possibly ending in their death at Voldemort's hand. I hope Wormtail will die, because he so deserves it, perhaps even Lupin will get to do it. And, of course, either just Voldemort or both Voldemort and Harry. I really doubt JKR would have the bad guys win. It seems like a copout after all the moral lessons thrown in throughout the series.
15th-Jan-2006 09:58 am - Change to format?
trying to read
Hey boys and girls,

I'm just about to reread HBP, and I was wondering if people would like to have a weekly discussion about each chapter or a few chapters so it would be easy enough to follow along? So, say, this upcoming Wednesday (or a different day, if we'd like to maintain the question schedule as well) we'd discuss Chpts 1 and 2, and then next week 3 and 4, and so on. Is this something that appeals to people? It would be sort of like a book club.

Please respond and let me know (1) If you'd like to add this feature to the community, (2) If you'd like to keep the Weekly Question, and (3) If you would participate in the book club aspect.


Your Moderator
4th-Jan-2006 10:55 am - Sort yourselves!
order of jade phoenix
Hi all - kandybar has been very busy with trivialities like graduation and getting a job and moving and such, so I'm filling in this week!

An oldie-but-goodie:

What house would YOU belong to at Hogwarts?


I was always a bookworm at school so my first instinct would be to say Ravenclaw, but then I look at Hermione, who's as big a bookworm as you can get, and she wasn't sorted there. I also think of what Dumbledore says to Harry at the end of Book 2 about it being our choices that make us who we are, regardless of the traits we possess.

After some thought, it occurs to me that I'd probably end up in Hufflepuff, as I value fair play, honesty, working hard, accepting others, and all that jazz. Despite my nerdiness, I don't value intelligence enough in others to be a Ravenclaw, I'm ambitious but not competitive or political enough to be a Slytherin, and I respect courage but don't think I'd be cut out for Gryffindor. And sadly, I think of myself in many ways as a bit of a pushover, which I think describes Hufflepuff house as well - they're always toiling away but they never get school glory, except when they came close with Cedric Diggory. So there's me. How about you all?
7th-Dec-2005 07:28 pm - Sorry!
destroy soul
I wanted to apologize for my spotty updating over the past month. But just know that I graduate from college next Thursday, so after then I have no real excuse.

Today I would like to explore the concept of redemption. One of the consistant themes throughout the books is that most people exist in a gray area where they are neither good nor bad. For example, Umbridge is a terrible person, but aligned and probably will never align with the evil that is Voldemort. Slughorn can also be said to not be the most upstanding person ever, but he about the friendliest Slytherin yet portrayed. Other examples of this also include Percy, Crouch, Zacharias Smith, and Lockhart. I don't want to focus on them, however. I would prefer to talk about the two people who became the most interesting after HBP - Snape and Draco. This topic generates very strong opinions - people either write one or both off as simply being evil and unredeemable and that we all knew they'd turn out to be evil all along or they proclaim that both will turn out to be good in the end and that they didn't really mean those terrible things that they did. Most people in here, from previous conversations, believe some combination of the above, or are simply too confused to generate a theory.

So, do you see redemption coming from either Snape or Draco? Do you see one of them turning on the Dark Lord at the last minute and helping Harry defeat him? Do you see one of them dying for the side of light? Or do you see them disappearing into the background, becoming nothing more than loyal death eaters?

As for myself, I'm not sure. Something about the whole "I AM THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE!" thing with Snape rubs me really wrong, but if it is a conspiracy I don't know whether to attribute it to Voldemort or Dumbledore. I'm also not sure about Draco - he didn't kill Dumbledore, but he did try to use an unforgivable on Harry (although Harry did kind of sneak up on him) and exposed to the death eater environment he may eventually get over his initial hesitation. So I don't really have any idea, but I will be disappointed if there isn't some follow-up in Book Seven.
23rd-Nov-2005 11:56 am(no subject)
Sorry I've been MIA.

Easy one this week. Have you seen GoF? Did you like it?

My reactions are pretty mixed. I may have to see it again just to figure out if I like it or not.
3rd-Nov-2005 07:57 pm - Thursday Question
If you could change one thing, no matter how important or insignificant, that has happened in the BOOKS so far, what would it be?

I would have had Dumbledore try to do something about house unity. And Good Lord, do I want to know what so convinced him of Snape's loyalty.
26th-Oct-2005 08:19 pm(no subject)
School is trying to eat my brain, so this week I shall be linking to a couple of interesting editorials on Mugglenet. Please let me know your opinions on them.

Did Sirius break Petunia's heart? http://www.mugglenet.com/editorials/editorials/edit-jlw01.shtml

Is Slughorn a death eater? http://www.mugglenet.com/editorials/editorials/edit-hseeker02.shtml

A fascinating comparison of Quidditch to the Series - http://www.mugglenet.com/editorials/editorials/edit-ladylupin06.shtml

Sorry to those of you who have already read them, but I hope the rest of you enjoy!
19th-Oct-2005 11:11 am - Wednesday Question
every step of the way
All right, team, I want to see some good discussion on this one.

Snape: good or evil?
12th-Oct-2005 06:10 pm - Wednesday Discussion
going insane
You know what I can't figure out? Why on EARTH would Dumbledore let Snape have the Defense Against the Dark Arts position when he knew it was cursed? Was he trying to get rid of Snape for some reason? Did he foresee what would happen? If anyone has any theories or any ideas as to why Dumbledore would give Snape the position, I would greatly like to hear them.
7th-Oct-2005 05:06 pm - Hiya
blue dude
Hi People,
What are some ofy our favorite Harry potter fan fanfics? I'vej ust started getting into them. So far I've gotta say Semprini was my favorite, I think eh's on Schnoogle? And i really liked Katling's stuff on schnoogle, teh Guild of the Night and Crystalline Darkness. Thoughts? Thanks!
7th-Oct-2005 08:50 am(no subject)
I am terribly sorry that I missed last week! *slaps self on wrist* Bad moderator, bad! And now this week is late. *sigh*

Two topics for discussion this week.

1) Read a bit of fanfic recently that was written pre-HBP. In it, in order to promote House Unity, Dumbledore requires that each house come up with a project to do for the year. The Gryffindors open the DA to everyone, Ravenclaw starts study groups, Hufflepuff hosts parties for 20 people at a time, and the Slytherins write essays about themselves and read them to the rest of the school to help clear up any misunderstandings about their house. Anyhow, throughout the fic, the entire time I was thinking, Why on Earth isn't this what Dumbledore really did? I mean, he and the sorting hat both kept sprouting off the importance of unity, but he didn't actually do anything about it, and especially Slytherin was left out, when I would think it would be in everyone's interest to pull the Slytherins back in before it was too late. So, why do you think Dumbledore didn't take a proactive hand in promoting house unity when it is so important?

2) Do you ever wonder about the mechanics of magic? Like, what makes a wizard a wizard? Would potions work for a Muggle if they managed to put the ingredients together in the right order? Why are charms in latin? What part, exactly, does a wand play in doing spells and why don't some people need them all the time? Stuff along those lines.

P.S. I kind of liked my Snape is Not the HBP theory and am considering submitting to Mugglenet. What do you think?
21st-Sep-2005 05:44 pm - Random Theory Wednesday!
going insane
One of the biggest questions I had at the end of HBP had absolutely nothing to do with any horcruxes - what in the world was up with Snape?

So I got to thinking, and I wondered, WHAT IF SNAPE ISN'T THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE?

Bear with me here.

Reasons why we think we know Snape is the HBP:
-His mother's last name is/was Prince
-He is half-blood
-He is good at potions
-He knows exactly where Harry learned Sectumsempra
-He SAYS he is

All very good reasons, to be sure. But there's a couple of instances in the book that don't fit with Snape being the HBP:

1) The handwriting. Hermoine thinks the HBP is a girl based on the handwriting in the book. Now, by the time you're 16, you have pretty much developed your adult handwriting. If Snape was the HBP, wouldn't the handwriting in the book match or at least be close to the handwriting on the chalkboard? JKR oftens starts the year off with Snape writing something on the blackboard. So wouldn't the trio recognize the handwriting?

2) Potion skills. We've been told throughout the books that Snape is an extremely talented potions maker, but Slughorn refers to Harry's "skills" as being even better than Snape's. If Snape had written the tips in the book, wouldn't he have done just as well as Harry did? I suppose it's possible that he experimented with the potions in his free time after they were studied in class, but it seems interesting that Snape's skill is apparently less than the HBP. Kind of on a side note, would Snape have bothered experimenting with the potions on his own? He was more interested in the Dark Arts, it seems.

3) Lack of interest in the Book. After Harry casts sectumsempra on Draco, Snape has him go and retrieve his potions book. Harry hides his and takes Snape Ron's instead. In a fairly strange reaction, Snape doesn't yell at Harry for bringing him the wrong book - which he must have realized is what happened. He even accepts the weak excuse that Ron's misspelled name is his nickname. I really can't fathom his reaction at all - Snape has never missed a chance to yell at or belittle Harry.

4?) Age of the Book. Hermoine dates the book at being about fifty years old, which is why she feels Snape's mother is a good candidate for being the HBP. It's possible that Snape wasn't the original owner of the book, but that's not necessarily true either. It could be that Snape inherited the book with writing already intact, just as Harry did. The levitating spell probably wasn't invented by Snape, as people like James Potter knew it as well, so if it was an invention of the Prince he would have had to invent it previously, probably by some years so it could circulate around.

5) Strange Archvillain Reveal. Did it strike anyone else as slightly odd the way the identity of the HBP was revealed? He's being chased by a 16 year old boy who is throwing ineffective spells and weak insults at him, and he turns around and shouts something about being the Half Blood Prince (something like "Coward? ME?! THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE?!" I don't remember and my book's not handy) in a way I would expect more from an Archvillain in some comic book. It was another scene where I was left going - what? (Yes, it's me - EVILMAN!) It was strange even coming from Snape, who has been known to have outbursts before (PoA, anyone?). I guess he had deducted that Harry knew about the HBP from the sectumsempra episode, but it just seemed so completely random, like someone had told him to drop the information to Harry.

So, Snape - HBP, or no? Book 7 will likely tell us, and if there's no mention, I suppose it means that he really is and only crazies like me might consider otherwise.
terrible friends
Howdy, boys and girls,

This week, let's discuss the fates of more minor characters that have stuck with us through the books. In theory, there's about 25 Gryffindors in Harry's year, but we only know the names of eight of them. However, each of those have been intricately entangled in Harry's life for the past six years.

Parvati - went to the Yule Ball with Harry/DA member

Lavender - dated Ron/DA member

Seamus - doubted Harry's sanity/DA member (for one meeting)

Dean - dated Ginny/temporary Quidditch player/DA member

Neville - joined in adventures in SS and OoTP/DA member

Ron/Hermoine - obvious

Random fact: It takes the Sorting Hat a full minute to place Seamus. A sign of a sinister streak? Mwhahaha.

While the top five characters are never really terribly close to Harry (with the exception of Neville), they are a constant throughout the novels and have stood with Harry against various "enemies." At the end of HBP, both the Patils and Seamus stay at Hogwarts despite their parents' wishes that they return home where they will hopefully be safer. All were members of the DA, so they have more defense training than other people of their age (in theory - we don't really know what Snape taught them).

We also see reoccuring students in other houses: Ernie Macmillian, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Padma Patil, Susan Bones, and Zacharias Smith, to name a few. Cho seems pretty firmly out of the picture at this point. These people were also DA members and have been there more or less for Harry's time at school. (Smith shows up in OoTP, but his last name may link him to the old widow Tom steals the locket from in HBP, who also claimed to be descended from Helga Hufflepuff herself. Hmmmm.)

Do you foresee these constants being a part of Book 7, and if so, what parts do you see them playing? Or do you think Harry will rely on more adult allies primarily (Lupin, Tonks, Moody, the Order) for his plans?
11th-Sep-2005 06:00 pm - Crackpot theories
yuri pleskun
Hello! I'm new here, and for some inexplicable reason I am suddenly obsessed with HBP theories. I have one to offer today, and it's a little to do with R.A.B., but not entirely, and the theory assumes that R.A.B. is actually Regulus Black like the Lexicon said and pretended it didn't say a while back.

Read more...Collapse )
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